2021 Nairobi Marathon Sponsor Wanted!


The Moyo Children's Centre will be holding a charity event.

We are looking for sponsors who support the activities of Moyo Children's Centre and donate to our organization through this charity event.

Participation in the annual Nairobi Marathon organized by Standart Chartered Bank. The children of Moyo Children's Centre have participated in this event every year since 2007, raising funds together with the children as a "charity run".

Moyo is planning a charity event where each child will be sponsored and will receive a donation for the number of kilometers they have completed.

There are four different courses: 5km, 10km, 21km, and 42km. The children and staff have already registered for the marathon and have started training.

How to apply for sponsorship

1. Contact the Moyo Children's Centre and let us know that you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

(You can either nominate individual children to be sponsored or leave it up to us.)

2. On the day of the Nairobi Marathon, the children and staff will run the number of kilometers they have registered for.

3. When the sponsored runners finish the race, we will inform the sponsors and ask them to transfer the promised amount to the following account.

About the Nairobi Marathon

  • Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank

  • Started in 2003, this is the 18th edition

  • Last year's event was cancelled due to the Corona disaster, but this year the decision was made to hold the event in a less dense environment, and only the elite group will run on the official course in Nairobi, while the rest of the public will participate virtually in various locations.

  • The children of Moyo Children's Centre will participate from Thika on Sunday, October 31.

About the Runners from Moyo Children's Centre

This year, there were 29 runners: 17 children from the MCC Home (also known as the New Home), 3 children from the Magogoni Drug Rehabilitation Farm (including children in vocational training), and 9 staff members.

Among this year's runners, there are 6 who are running their first marathon, and 4 children who ran 10km last time and are challenging 21km for the first time. This year, two of our staff members will run the full 42 km! This year, two of our staff members are challenging the full and 42 km!

Here are the runners and the course.

Children in the "New Home"

  • PETER NGUGUNA (6yrs) ... 5km

  • STEPHENE KYARIE (8yrs)...10km

  • MIKE MWANGI (8yrs)...10km

  • JOHN KIMOTHO (10yrs)...10km

  • KELVIN MASYOKO (11yrs)... 10km

  • FRANCIS GITAU (11yrs)...21km

  • KELVIN MWANGI (11yrs)...21km

  • KENNEDY GATURA (13yrs) ...10km

  • MUSA MAGEGU (13yrs)...21km

  • Danson Kago (13yrs)...21km

  • BRANDON NZIOKA (14yrs)...21km

  • JOHN KAMAU (15yrs) ...21km

  • JOHN KAMAU (14yrs) ...21km

  • ALEX KIMEMIA (15yrs) ... 21km

  • DOUGLAS MUSYOKA (17yrs)...21km

  • ALEX MWANGI (15yrs)... 21km

  • JOSEPH WAWERU(16yrs)...21km

Children undergoing rehabilitation and vocational training at Magogoni Drug Rehabilitation Farm

  • ERICK WAMBUA (14yrs) ...21km

  • JOSEPH ZANGA (16yrs)... 21km

  • JOSEPH GACHIO (17yrs)... 21km

Staff of Moyo children centre

  • PETER MAINA (24yrs) ...21km

  • TITUS KITHEKA (44yrs)... 10km

  • VICTOR MALUKI (33yrs) ...42km

  • DANCAN OMOLO (39yrs) ...21km

  • BRIAN OCHIENG (30yrs) ... 42km

  • ZACHARIAH WAITHAKA (31yrs)... 21km

  • PATRICK MBURU (28yrs) ...21km

  • ANN WAIRIMU (34yrs)... 5km

  • FREDRICK PATTIE (27yrs)... 21km

How will the funds be used?

We are using the generosity of our sponsors as part of the cost of our activities.

Terumi Matsushita, the president of Moyo Children's Centre, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and has returned to Japan to recuperate.

It has become difficult for us to hold our annual campaign in which Ms. Matsushita travels around Japan to give lectures and raise funds.

Please help us to continue our activities at the Moyo Children's Centre.

About the transfer of your donation

We will contact you via Email when your sponsored child has completed the race.

Support Us!!

This charity event accounts for a large part of the funding for the activities of the Moyo Children's Centre.

We would be grateful if you could help us to continue our activities in the future.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

Email address: for.moyochildren@gmail.com




モヨ・チルドレン・センターの活動を記録した最新版の動画をYoutubeにアップしました。 https://youtu.be/V-FB34sC23g コロナウイルスの影響により、昨年に引き続き、代表松下照美さんの全国各地での講演会キャンペーンができなくなってしまいました。 また、照美さんは癌の治療のため日本に帰国し、治療にあたっています。 モヨ・チルドレン・センターの活動存続のため、ぜひお力をお貸し