Daily life

Children polishing their school before they resume from midterm tomorrow. 23.Feb.2020 Posted by T.Brian

Daily life

Children are doing their private studies during this mid term session. Feb.18.2020 Posted by T.Brian


Yesterday we Ms. Sato visited children both at MCC Home and Drug Rehabilitation Centre. Children were very happy. 16.Feb.2020 posted by...


四国の皆様へ お世話になっています。「モヨ・チルドレン・センター」の松下です。 先日、「2020報告会+キャンペーン」受け入れ先募集お願いをお送りしたのですが、ご一読頂けたでしょうか。 今回は私の私用もあり、4月26日〜8月5日の日本帰国になります。...


Yesterday at Drug Rehabilitation Centre children interacted with two visitor and they were very happy. 12.Feb.2020 Posted by T. Brian